A Handful of Intro Tutorials

I’ve started a series called Data Work 101 over on the Lede Program site – I only have a couple posts up so far, but we’ll see how far we can get you! It’s for folks who want to get into coding or data but either want a little more background or are a little intimidated by the bounty of options out there.

Despite the title of this post, the series is very much not tutorials at all. At double all, underlined and exclamation-pointed. The plan is to cover the what and the why instead of the how, giving you a bucket of tools and techniques to pick through to find out which ones might be best for you.

Everything you need to know about picking a first programming language is a rundown of a few of the major programming languages that are recommended to newcomers to The Land Of Coding, and what might influence you in one direction or the other when deciding what path to go down.

Everything you need to know about mapping tools breaks down ten or so tools for building maps that will eventually live online, from plain-jane SVG-based images to knee-deep-in-the-mud-wrestling-alligators work with QGIS.

Anything picking at you from the corners of your mind? Let me know and I’ll throw it on the docket.

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